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Golden Kitty Awards 2018

Eristica has entered the Hall of Fame: Top-5 best projects of 2017 in the Crypto category. It’s in the same row with such fascinating projects as CryptoKitties and

  • Blockchain helps to earn money and connect with people.
    This article presents the Dare App which is a P2P platform for video challenges.
  • In a world of deepfakes, who can you trust?
    Though they seem like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie, deepfakes are very much a reality.
  • The Most Perspective Cryptocurrency Trends in 2020
    2020 will likely bring about the integration of cryptocurrency with the media and entertainment markets, thus encouraging the start of global mass-adoption.
  • Eristica Allows Fun-Loving Couples to Challenge Each Other
    For adventurous couples, Eristica provides an opportunity to compete through exciting video challenges. Whether it’s doing a backflip or something a little sillier, the app can bring plenty of fun into a relationship
  • How This Viral Video App Uses Blockchain to Counter Deepfakes
    The app, allows people to put up cash, create challenges and record said challenges. Those who win challenges get paid in cryptocurrency. The premise is pretty straightforward and simple.
  • How to Use P2P Challenges to Encourage Positive Engagement
    The irony of social media is that it was created to cultivate social connections, yet, it’s proven it can often have the opposite effect: isolating its users.
  • Video Challenges and Rewarding Users with Cryptocurrency
    Asia Blockchain Review recently spoke to Nikita Akimov, CEO of Eristica, a FunTech platform where users can challenge each other to daring tasks, capture it on video, and let users in the community decide whether the players should be awarded cryptocurrency.
  • Challenge app that lets users complete dares for money
    The founder of Eristica, a challenge and cryptocurrency app, discusses his inspiration and why the most dangerous challenges are now "only for professionals"
  • Freelancing platform Eristica partners with Binance
    Eristica will allow every user who takes part in a challenge on its platform to contribute a 5 per cent amount of the reward directly to Binance Charity Foundation
  • What Makes a Perfect Startup Pitch
    No one can ignore the power of a pitch. It’s tremendously valuable for entrepreneurs, as introducing your company to the public attracts investors, clients, partners, and talents for your business.
  • Eristica Puts the Dare In Truth and Dare
    Remember playing truth and dare as a kid? Your friends would get you to say or do some truly outrageous things. If you ever fail to do the dare then your friends would mercilessly mock you. Even if you completed the dare, all you would get out of it is an interesting story. If you were lucky.
  • 5 Online Platforms to Find Viral Content You'll Love
    Today, there are various places to find content, and hundreds of different types of content to interact with. Here are a few great options for anyone who wants to discover the newest content on the web.
  • Record and Reward With Eristica
    People have always loved to challenge each other to stuff. The desire to prove that we can do something difficult or unusual is hard-wired into our systems. That is why we invented things like the double-dog dare when we were kids.
  • Eristica Is Pushing the Boundaries
    We all remember the infamous games of truth or dare we played when we were younger. The rush of excitement that came from trying to complete a dare and the laughs that came afterwards.
  • Eristica: entertainment platform and source of income
    Eristica is a young, modern and promising project that is part of FunTech industry and entertainment group. The direction of our activities is connected with challenges. There are enough worries and problems in the world and in every person’s life, so every day we have to deal with lost of difficult tasks.
  • Exclusive Interview With Eristica CEO Nikita Akimov
    If you haven’t heard of Eristica, I challenge you to do something to fix that. After all, with 1.2 million millennial users around the world who are earning cryptocurrency for accepting peer-created challenges on the video platform, it’s worth investigating.
  • ทำความรู้จัก Eristica แอปพลิเคชั่นที่ให้คุณทำเรื่องหลุดโลก แบบไม่มีอะไรมาปิดกั้น
    Eristica เปิดตัวเมื่อปี 2015 โดย Nikita Akimov หนุ่มรัสเซีย นับถึงตอนนี้เจ้าแอปพลิเคชั่นตัวนี้มีผู้ใช้ราวๆ 1.2 ล้านคนแล้ว โดยสมาชิกส่วนใหญ่ตอนนี้จะมีอายุประมาณ 13-22 ปี ซึ่ง 1 ใน 3 ส่วนใหญ่เป็นคนรัสเซีย, อินเดีย และเซาท์อีสเอเชีย
  • ERISTICA - ICO à ne pas manquer
    Il s'agit d'une plateforme où les abonnés se lancent des défis.La plate-forme existe déjà sur Androïd avec 1,2 millions d'abonnés.L'objectif de l'ICO, c'est d'intégrer un systéme de paiement permettant de se payer entre celui qui lance le défi et celui qui le réalise. Le token servira de monnaie.
  • Erisitca ICO Review
    Eristica brings awesomeness into your life. By downloading this app you’ll get a full access to the most wicked/funny/insane videos from all around the world. Also you can make people do crazy stuff on a challenge, receive video proofs, and of course you can earn money on it
  • Eristica Guide: Smart Personal & Group Challenges Wins Crypto?
    Are you looking for new investments? Maybe for new markets in which you can invest and receive a great return on investment? The secret to find new markets and investments is to be always well informed about the chances that are happening in the industry right now. Fortunately, we can give you some help in this task.
  • Eristica ERT ICO: Win Decentralized Challenges For Crypto?
    Crypto based technology platforms have pretty much seeped into every conceivable domain of the human experience these days. In that sense, Eristica can be thought of as a P2P-platform whose economic engine is driven via the use of user participation ( primarily for online challenges and competitions)
  • 注目のICO『Eristica(エリスティカ)
    今回はあのマカフィーがツイートしたことで注目を集めたICO『Eristica』についてご紹介します。 すでに知っている人はいるかもしれませんが、120万人のユーザーを抱えているアプリのチームがICOを行なっています。すでに成功しているプロダクトがある所のICOです。
  • This Dumb New App Lets You Pay People to Eat Maggots
    On Eristica, viewers can use cryptocurrency to pay "daredevils" to do stupid shit. The platform allows users to set each other challenges in exchange for cryptocurrency, and since launching in 2015 has attracted some 1.2 million users and quickly filled up with videos of people snorting raw eggs and eating mould for the entertainment of faceless strangers.
  • Eristica – To Invest In Challenges, Gambling And Online Competitors
    Eristica is a progressive P2P-stage that drives interest in challenges and online rivalries. The venture was propelled in 2015 and has just got more than 1.2 million clients. The stage empowers every member to dispatch and acknowledge challenges, giving video film of difficulties finished and evaluations in view of the outcomes
  • Eristica, The Futuristic FunTech Platform Based on Blockchain
    Eristica combines the power of blockchain technology and funtech to create platform that unify challenges as seen on todays existing platforms such as youtube into one single mobile platform, where users post videos with their challenges, challenge others and compete for top places in the overall ranking.
  • Eristica стала номинантом премии Product Hunt
    Eristica - это новое приложение, позволяющее участвовать в конкурсах и получать за победу награду в криптовалюте. Согласно inc, приложением уже пользуются 1М россиян и 200 тысяч азиатов и индусов. Eristica - это интересный микс из видеоблоггинга, блокчейна и смарт-контрактов.
  • Eristica - una piattaforma entusiasmante per la partecipazione a sfide, scommesse e competizioni.
    Discutere è divertente, ma più recentemente non aveva senso, ora tutto è cambiato! La rivoluzionaria piattaforma P2P ha già raccolto più di 1,2 milioni di utenti da tutto il mondo. applicazione eristic sollevare qualsiasi scommessa su un nuovo livello. Fare una scommessa, guadagnare realizzazioni, fare le scommesse e dice a tutti circa la sua vittoria con un app eccellente eristic.
  • 6 New Cryptocurrencies That Should Be on Your Radar
    Eristica, which is presently offering tokens in an ICO, offers a platform for people to challenge one another to perform stunts and the like, with smart contracts guaranteeing payment if a challenge is deemed to have been successfully completed -- as judged by the global community of Eristica token holders (presumably, the distribution of tokens will be large enough to prevent gaming of the system by parties holding large amounts of tokens in numerous wallets)
  • Eristica is Finally Making Cryptocurrency Fun
    In 2016, a film titled “Nerve” was released in which users of an application would be able to compete in online competitions in exchange for real-life prizes. Users would go through a list of “challenges” that were then judged by the general community that used the application. Up until recently, the general film community raved on about a possibility that this might become an actual application
  • 7 Revolutionary Ways that Businesses Employ Blockchain!
    Eristica provides risk-takers and daredevils a way to undertake different challenges and earn from a decentralized system. Blockchain helps reduce the risk of fraud and makes the voting system transparent and democratic so the best content wins.
  • How to Earn Your Very First Cryptocurrency Coins
    A startup called Eristica, a pioneer in the “FunTech” industry, allows users to complete challenges in exchange for crypto coins. It runs through four core components: smart contracts, a decentralized voting system, indisputable video proofs, and absolute transparency.
  • Eristica: Take A Dare To Win Cryptocoins
    Eristica is a peer to peer mobile app that encourages people to dare each other to do silly, crazy, and fun things. Example dares range from eating something you might not normally, to running through a street tunnel, or jumping into ice cold water. Popular among teens, university students, and the young at heart, Eristica connects friends and people around the world as they egg each other on.
  • 18 Fun Things to Do With Cryptocurrency
    Watch/Do Crazy Stunts – Eristica, a “FunTech” startup, now allows you to win cryptocurrency via challenges that must be recorded on video.
  • Exclusive Interview with Eristica CEO Nikita Akimov
    Unlike other ICOs in the industry, the Eristica platform has already been in existence since 2015 and has a staggering user base of over 1.25 million users – and still growing rapidly today. So, how will they improve participation exactly?
  • Eristica Leaving Ethereum for BitShares
    Dec 14, 2017- Eristica announced that they will be migrating their blockchain based operations to the BitShares platform. This will add 1.2 million new users to the rapidly growing BitShares ecosystem.
  • Eristica Migrating to BitShares
    Michael and I are pleased to announce that we have been asked to join the Board of Advisers at Eristica as as their ICO and migration to BitShares gets into full swing.
  • Eristica – Global Decentralized Platform For Challenges & Viral Videos Built On Smart Contracts
    Unlike other ICOs in the industry, the Eristica platform has already been in existence since 2015 and has a staggering user base of over 1.5 million users—and still growing rapidly today.
  • Blockchain platform for online challenges created
    Eristica is a revolutionary P2P-platform that drives participation in challenges and online competitions. The project was launched in 2015 and has already got more than 1.2 million users. The platform enables each participant to launch and accept challenges, provide video footage of challenges completed and get ratings based on the results.
  • Top upcoming ICO 3rd - 9th December
    ERISTICA is a global decentralized platform of personal and mass challenges on smart contracts. Using a blockchain technology the project allows users to undertake the unlimited amount of challenges and transparently take part in them. ERT tokens - is in-game currency which users get for winning contests or for successful predictions.
  • Pulling Off a Stunt On Video Can Get You Paid in CryptoCurrency
    It seemed like a good idea - so Akimov and team built and launched the app in early 2015. In the first 12 months after the launch the site grew to 500,000 registered users. In the next 12 months - the site 2Xd their viewership to 1.2M+ users today. That means a lot of people doing insane stuff for everyone’s entertainment!
  • Eristica’s pitch video
    Meet the incredible Eristica team all the way from Russia pitch for the first time in Taipei, Taiwan
  • Three pitches that WOWed us at the MOX demo day and why they stood out
    Eristica is a ‘challenge’ video streaming company that let’s users give and accept challenges for people to perform on video (“I dare you to eat an Oreo filled with toothpaste” was the example presenter Nikita Akimov used).
  • Interview with Nikita Akimov
    喜歡掛在網上欣賞冰桶挑戰或是各種有趣的影片嗎?Eristica 是一個全球挑戰網。只要點擊一下,用戶就可以設下賭注向自己的親友發出一對一,或是向世界各地的人廣發英雄帖。想贏取賭注的人需要上傳影片,證明自己的才華或能耐,就能獲得更多人的關注,意見領袖也能因此與粉絲有更直接的互動。
  • Eristica: localization done right
    Russian startup Eristica brings the world’s first daring platform to mobile devices. According to co-founder Nikita Akimov, him and three classmates came up with the app in 2014 to help people connect in an innovative way. Eristica aims to create a global challenge network, which enables you to dare anyone anywhere simply by using the app.
  • Mox Batch 2 with Eristica on board
    Remember ‘truth or dare’? Or that horrible Hollywood movie Nerve? The Russian startup Eristica is bringing it to life with a mobile app that allows people from across the world to create dares, accept challenges and post/watch proofs of their accomplishment.
  • Eristica founder on fails
    В постоянном формате «Стартаперы о...» 3 предпринимателя рассказывают необычные истории по теме, которую мы им предложили. Сегодня — о фейлах. Как думаете, что за плечами у этих ребят?
  • Getting higher: examples of interesting projects in the "First Height" startup competition
    Эксперты компании Winter Capital рассмотрели несколько интересных проектов из числа конкурсантов. Организаторы подчеркивают, что главное в присылаемых стартапах — это глубина проработки и актуальность идеи.