• General:

    • What is the DARE APP and what is it for?

      Dare App – is a global freelancing video platform where content makers connect with their fans and perform tasks (challenges) on video remotely.

    • Who is it for?

      DARE APP is absolutely for all content makers who don’t hesitate to show themselves and want to become famous via video tasks (challenges).

    • Is it available on my device?

      Our application is available for Android and iOS.

    • How do you make money?

      We charge a 3% commission fee for launching a task (challenge)

  • Basics:

    • How do challenges work?

      Every person taking the video task (Content Maker) must agree to the following:
      • Content Maker should pay the entrance fee in virtual currency for taking the task (challenge). By taking the task the maker agrees to pay the specified non-refundable fee amount in virtual currency.
      • After taking the task the Content Maker can upload a video evidence of their entry where accomplishing the task described in the challenge details.
      • After the Content Maker has uploaded their video the task goes to Eristica Community Verification – each user on Eristica is able to verify if the task is done correctly or a video entry doesn’t match the criteria in the description of the task.
      • If the Content Maker’s entry gets verified by the Community, they get virtual currency of the creator of the video task (challenge) in the amount set by the creator of the task.
      • Content Makers whose entries do not get verified by the Community, do not get the virtual currency set by the creator of the task and the creator of the task takes their virtual currency back.
    • What is GOLD for?

      It’s simply a fun virtual currency on DARE APP which you can use to create video tasks (challenges) and get it for accomplishing them.

    • What is POINTS?

      Points are calculated based on the amount of videos you post on DARE APP. The more videos you take, the more points you get. Get points to reach top position in the Leaderboard.

    • How to cash out the winnings?

      At the moment this option is not present on our website.

    • How do I create the challenge?

      Tap on the big "plus" button in the bottom of the screen. Then pick a challenge you want and tap «Create Challenge».

    • How can I get featured?

      Take video tasks (challenges) and film amazing videos – that’s the right way to become the star of DARE APP.

    • Where can I accept the Challenges?

      For this we created “Open Challenges” section, where you can choose any challenge from the list what you will find there.

    • How can I get more Gold?

      You can get more Gold by taking and accomplishing video tasks (challenges) or you can buy it in our Store.

    • Can I win real money?

      DARE APP is not a gambling service and it is not a game of skill (or chance), so one can’t «win» anything. You either do the task and get virtual currency in the amount set by the creator of the task or you fail it and get nothing.

  • ERT Token:

    • How to buy ERT?

      You can buy ERT tokens on COINSUPER exchange.

    • What is ERT tokens and why are they needed?

      ERT tokens are not stocks, goods or investments. ERT is a utility token that is traded on Coinsuper exchange.

    • Where does ERT come from?

      ERT tokens were issued on 14th of February 2018 with a limited supply.

    • How to sell ERT?

      ERT can be sold on COINSUPER exchange

    • How to add ERT token to your Ethereum wallet on MyEtherWallet?

      In order to add a token, you need to specify the address of the smart contract from which they were accrued to you, and specify:
      address = 0x92A5B04D0ED5D94D7a193d1d334D3D16996f4E13
      name = ERT
      decimals = 18

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