We aim to improve the people lives through blockchain technology. We believe that all together we can create a better world.


  • 01 Attention To draw people's attention to the socially significant problem
  • 02 Change Attitudes Change attitudes and behavior to protect and conserve the environment and promote peace
  • 03 Support Research Support the best in scientific research, educational programming, and conservation initiatives


We have a massive global loyal audience, so they can launch a new ecological (or another theme) video challenge.


  • John Smith took a $1 challenge in the top of the main feed
  • He films a video, download it in the app for voting
  • 100% were donated to the Charity
  • John Smith also gets a Charity badge on his profile


  • More people are involved in socially important issues
  • Collect extra donations into fund trough Challenge App. Viral challenge such as the Ice Bucket Challenge.


100% of Fundrasing

Dare app is not interested in the money, we give you 100% of fundraising. We can promise till $1 000 000 to the fund if the challenge will be viral.